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10 Invaluable Podcasts for Indie Authors!

For those of you that don't know, podcasts are basically the digital version of radio shows. You can listen to them on any digital device such as your phone, tablet or computer. If you are an Apple person you can listen to them on iTunes. If you're a Samsung user you can listen on Google Play or any of the many listening apps on the Play Store.

There are THOUSANDS of podcast shows available on literally any subject, but we're focusing on writing and marketing right now. These are my go-to spots when I need to get into a business mode.

1) The Creative Penn- Joanna has been podcasting for many years now and it is WELL worthwhile to go back through her backlist of shows. I've listened to her for a few years now.

2) The Self-publishing Show- Mark Dawson and James Blatch- great publishing show with phenomenal experts. Also runs on Youtube as a video.

3 & 4) Lindsay Buroker created the Sci-fi and Fantasy Marketing Podcast and just recently created the 6 Figure Authors Podcast. Though the genre leans more sci-fi/ fantasy, still phenomenal information.

5) The Sell More Books Show- Jim Kukral and Bryan Cohen

6) The Authorpreneur Podcast- Amelia D. Hay

7) AskAlli- Orna Ross

8) SPA Girls Podcast- Cheryl Phipps, Shar Barratt, Trudi Jaye, Wendy Vella

9) Author Like a Boss with Ella Barnard

10) Stark Reflections on Writing and Publishing- Mark Lefebvre

There are a few more that seem to have gone dormant, but their episodes are still available.

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