Indie Author Services-

I'm asked all the time who I use to do this or that. I've compiled a few lists. These are not complete lists by any means, but they will hopefully get you started.

I can't even begin to tell you how many cover artists I've used throughout my career. I have about 40 books and I can think of about 5 immediately, but I know I've used a couple and I don't remember their names. Sorry...

Frauke Spanuth at Octopi Covers does an amazing job, as well as Debbie at The Cover Collection. Viola Estrella did my Lost and Found series covers, but she's devoting her time to being an author now. Some of these artists I've used before and others I haven't, so you will have to look for recommendations from someone else. I DO NOT guarantee the quality of the artist with this list.

It's the same with editors. You go through growth periods with your writing and sometimes you grow out of your relationships. That's completely normal and fine. It may take you years to build a team that you are completely satisfied with.

I don't use formatters anymore because I use Vellum, a super easy formatting software. You can find them here.  If you are not comfortable trying to do your own books, absolutely hire a formatter. If you want to save money and have complete control over your product, think about downloading Vellum. You can get the ebook and Print software for about $300.