The Indie Process

I covered the basics in the blog here, but now we're going to dig in a little. This framework should help guide you through the process. 

This is just the way I did it though. Keep in mind that if it doesn't feel right, then do what you need to do. Everyone's publishing path is different. 

Let's refresh ourselves on the list.

1) Decide on WHO you are.

2) Build your platform.

3) Hone your product.

4) Hire a professional support team.

5) Decide WHERE you're going to publish.

6) Write your next book.

7) Promotion.

8) Develop your own publishing path.

Decide WHO you are...

When I first started, I wasn't sure if I was going to keep my own name or not. I used to be a cop, so it was kind of ingrained in me to keep my personal information private. It felt very strange to contemplate having my legal name on everything I produced.

Then I started researching my name, which I strongly suggest that every person do. Boy was that eye opening. Little did I know that there are several Jennifer Maddens, the most popular one being a porn star. 

When you encounter a situation like that, you have to think about brand awareness. I planned to write military romance with disabled veteran heroes and I didn't want that heartwarming focus diluted if people looked for me and found porn. Obviously. I settled on the first letter of my first and middle name, then used my last name. It has worked to my benefit, although I have been called JIM a few times...

Pseudonyms are common in the publishing industry, but I personally wanted to be transparent with my readers.

Some vocations, such as teachers, need to keep their secondary career completely separate from their primary career, which is understandable. There have been a few public incidents of erotica authors being 'outed' and their moralities judged, forcing them to choose one career over the other.

Choosing a pseudonym or not is a completely personal choice. I suggest that you have someone call you by your pen name for a while, just to see if you can tolerate it. Check with a web address provider and see if that name is available as a dot com and buy it as soon as possible.

Just a word to the wise- sometimes those sites see interest in a name and will up the price the next time you go look. Buy the name and a couple of variations, just to be safe.

I'm not a life coach, but...

I do occasionally give good advice. If you get into a pickle I'm more than happy to talk to you about your issue and maybe give you some suggestions. You can either email me at Jen@theindiepubpath or contact me through the  contact page.