Formatting Services

As with the other indie services I listed, just because the name is here it does NOT mean I vouch for them, unless stated otherwise. Research their services thoroughly.

BB Ebooks- This is the only formatting service I will vouch for. I used Paul for many years and many books before I bought Vellum, and never received anything sub-par. He is a former Marine living in Thailand, so don't get thrown by the web address.

Ironhorse Formatting

Bella Media Management

Steena Holmes

eBook and DRM

Jim and Zetta Author and Publishing Services

Eight Little Pages

Indie Formatting Services

Formatting Unlimited

Speculations Editing

Sheryl Lee Editing

My Authorly Formatting

The Independent Author Network has a nice list of Indie Service Providers.

Ebook Launch- also does editing and covers

Indie Author Publishing Services- also does editing and cover work

BD Editing- also does editing, obviously. Lol!

Kindlepreneur- Has a nice list of Indie Services 

Wayward Author Services- also does editing and cover work

Everything But The Book