Important Websites for Writers

When I come across a website that I think is interesting and may be of some value to a writer, I add it here. They're not specifically designers or artists, although they can be part of it.

If you feel you have a website that writers need to use, let me know in the contacts page and I may add it!

The Basics

Go to these places and create your free account. Once you have your professional cover, your edited, formatted manuscript, the blurb and your pertinent information, you can publish a book. 

Amazon KDP- 





Book Distributors- If you would prefer someone else distribute the books for you, you can upload your basic file here. Then they will convert the file for each platform and distribute them accordingly. They will, of course, take a fee. Usually 10-15 % of your profit. I have several books through D2D just to streamline my process. 



Print Books-


Amazon prints POD as well. (They bought out Createspace)  Seems to be geared for Poets and contests


Neat spreadsheets to use for word trackers


Audio books-

Sell your audiobooks here- 70% royalty-


If you are a person who loves coffee shop sounds, there's a website for that!


This site checks to see the spamminess of your newsletter and gives you guidance on making it more acceptable to Google.


Companies to host giveaways and Giveaway tools. I love KingSumo!


Swag spots


Discount Mugs





If you are a writing TEAM, this app allows you to write together.


Website help/ designers

BlackRaven Designs


Reedsy- Has a little bit of everything, including a title creator!

Teasers and Trailers-

Sunshine Reads- Book cover Graphics and Teasers

Theresa Hissong- Teasers and trailers

Amaeris Designs- Book trailers and graphics, but not covers


Carolan Ivy- The Blurb Wizard

Promouvoir Publications- Graphic Designs and Literary representation

Sandy Lender- Writing Specialist and Editor (Site is under construction)


Make intros to videos-




Bookbolt- Create journals and notebooks


Legal Stuff-

How to start an LLC

The Passive Voice- Blog run by a lawyer.