It's easy to get lost in today's publishing wilderness. Let's clarify some things...
Publishing is one of those businesses that can literally change overnight. I've seen it happen. One of the greatest attributes of a successful Indie author is being flexible and ready to shift directions with your business at the drop of a hat.  
It also needs to be noted that this is one of the most amazing aspects of being an Indie author. If you see a trend that really appeals to you, you have the ability to take advantage of it in a remarkably short time. 
But which direction do you choose? If you follow the link it'll take you to a PowerPoint to clarify the different types of publishing. It has its own blog.

The Blog

So, I have this idea for a book...

I can't tell you how many times I've heard this sentence. Almost everyone has some kind of idea for the next best-selling blockbuster that hasn't been written yet.

And that's fine. It's okay to dream. But actually writing the book and getting it down on paper, well... once you do that you can tell me about your great book. 

If you'd like some tips on how to do this, follow this link to the blog... Hopefully can get you on the right track!

Stop talking,


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Your Greatest Self.


There is a beauty to allowing yourself the freedom to create. Don't worry about what your family says or what you think the nosy neighbor will say, create what you want. If you walked into a bookstore and were allowed to pick any book from the shelves, what would you want to read? That's what you should write!

Don't worry about making money or pleasing anyone but yourself. Let your imagination flow! The readers will find you if you write from the heart. 


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